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American War: A novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780451493583
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Published: Knopf - April 4th, 2017

American War is a thought experiment that ventures alarmingly close to the realm of possibility. Set only 75 years or so in the future, America has embarked on a bitter Second Civil War over the use of fossil fuels. Climate change has eroded the coasts, forcing the capitol to relocate from D.C. to Ohio, and the government has mandated that all fossil fuels ceased being used. The South secedes in rebellion, and a bloody war ensues. We follow a Louisiana family who ends up in a refugee camp and later entwined in the rebels' cause. This is a wonderful, fascinating read that will make everyone stop and think about what's going to happen to the world as we know it. -Courtney F., manager

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Wool Cover Image
ISBN: 9781476733951
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Simon & Schuster - March 12th, 2013

For thousands of people, the silo is the only home they have ever known. Reaching hundreds of levels beneath the ground, the silo keeps people safe from the harsh world on the surface. To speak of going outside is a crime punishable by death. This speculative novel is an incredible exploration into human connections and interactions when an entire society must live together in harmony, or face the destruction of their entire world. This is a great book for those who enjoy science fiction, apocalypse novels, and in-depth world building.  
-Abbey, bookseller

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The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness Cover Image
ISBN: 9781451697728
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Atria Books - April 5th, 2016

I never thought I would cry over octopuses! But this book is an absolute moving marvel of naturalism, memoir, and a reflection on human consciousness and relationships. Sy Montgomery spent years at the New England Aquarium studying their giant pacific octopuses and intermixes the stories of these amazing creatures unlike any other creatures on earth (did you know octopuses taste with their skin?) with the very human stories of the people who work with them, and what their relationships with each other and their octopuses can teach us about humans and animals. In spite of being sure this book was not for me, I was totally captivated by it. Moving and charming and so informative. Get it now!
-Mackenzie, events coordinator

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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory Cover Image
ISBN: 9780393351903
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: W. W. Norton & Company - September 28th, 2015

How can you say no to a book that starts with the line, “A girl always remembers the first corpse she shaves”? I read this book cover-to-cover in one sitting. “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” mixes Doughty’s experiences working in the death industry with analyses of death throughout history and cultures. Much like in her “Ask a Mortician” webseries, Doughty is an approachable, humorous, refreshingly honest ambassador of death. Doughty speaks thoughtfully of the grave disservice we do to ourselves by avoiding our mortality and not making informed decisions for our bodies post-mortem. There's a certain liberation in confronting our death anxiety and calm in knowing what's happened to our deceased loved ones. I’d recommend this book to anyone who’s going to die someday (though you might not want to pair this one with brunch).
-Riley, bookseller

Before the Fall Cover Image
ISBN: 9781455561797
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Grand Central Publishing - June 6th, 2017

This tome is a psychological mystery. The novel’s author, Noah Hawley, who created the award-winning television show Fargo, delves into the lives of passengers whose private jet crashed during a flight from Martha’s Vineyard to New York City, leaving only two survivors. The book, while it’s unwrapping how this plane went down, is also unwrapping the lives and the backgrounds of all the people who were on the plane. Page-turning and addictive. 

The Mothers: A Novel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780399184512
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Riverhead Books - October 11th, 2016

Told partially from the collective voice of a church congregation, The Mothers is a achingly told tale of young love. The story follows Nadia, who is navigating her life after the death or her mother, stumbling into love with the kind of abandon that only comes with youth. Bennett's writing is strong, emotional, and beautiful, just like the characters she creates. --Courtney, manager