Zoom Trivia Night!

If you're anything like us, you've spent plenty of time over the last year missing pub trivia. And we're sorry to say we can't put you back in your hometown bar right now, but this week, together with Trident Booksellers and Cafe, we'll get you as close as we can.

We've taken the pub trivia experience to the world of Zoom, where you can assemble a team of friends from all across the globe and test your most trivial knowledge. We'll have questions from every category under the sun, bonus rounds, music, and enough personality to make you forget you ever left the house in the first place. Every time we ask a question, you'll be sent to a breakout room, where your team can discuss the answer, talk about life, and generally recapture the feeling of sitting across the table from each other as you play trivia.

And what's a trivia game without a little to nosh on? This week, Boston's iconic Newbury Street treasure, Trident Booksellers and Cafe, is offering every registered team FREE LOCAL DELIVERY in the Boston area. Menu favorites include Build Your Own Mac n' Cheese, Poutine, the Cape Codder Sandwich, and a full list of beer and wine by the can! The winning team will also take home gift cards to the store. If you haven't tried our Zoom Trivia before, this is absolutely the week to check it out.

Can't make it, but want to join us in the future? Shoot us an e-mail at host@playboardgameempire.com, and we'll add you to the mailing list we use to let people know any time we create a new game.

Finally, a few notes about ticket purchasing:

1) For those of you playing with us for the first time, if you join our mailing list, we'll give you a one-time coupon good for 50% off. We send one e-mail a week with info about all the games we are running that week, which includes both this weekly team trivia game on Monday nights and occasional fun, bonus games on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. E-mail us at events@longdistancetrivia.com to join our mailing list and grab your first-time-player discount.

2) We realize that Covid has caused financial distress for many individuals. If you would like to play trivia, but $25 is too much of a financial burden, e-mail us at events@longdistancetrivia.com. We will send you a coupon code for $15 off that you will be allowed to use on this and any future events of ours that you so choose, no questions asked.

3) A few players have asked, so just to clarify: Purchasing a spot for a team of 2-6 gets admission for all the players on your team across as many devices as you would like. If you have five players on your team, you do not need to purchase five tickets, just grab one ticket and that gets in everyone in your group.

4) Individuals are welcome to play too! You can grab a ticket for $10 and be a team of one. If any other solo players sign up, we'll e-mail you all and give you a chance to either team up or just play as individuals. Whichever you'd prefer.

Game on!

Event date: 
Monday, May 3, 2021 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Event address: 
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