It's Tarot Time

Show starts at 7:00pm for insightful and entertaining readings for all audience members who claim a ticket!

Food and drinks available from the cafe! Come early to get your grub on!

About the Show:

Antonio's tarot readings are described as “counseling with cards”, as they are more an opportunity and space for self-reflection and working towards a personal wholeness. He lives by the motto, “the cards tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.”

It’s Tarot Time is an event for people to have their cards read publicly, while casually sipping on drinks and eating some food. (Think - late night at a party when everyone’s ready to get a little real while still lit.) While sensitive subjects might be broached, the event is a safe space and intended to help the querent and anyone in the audience gain helpful insight. It’s also a great learning opportunity to see tarot readings done professionally to help bolster one’s own tarot reading practice.

Any and all are welcome to come, as long as they are open-minded, ready to learn, have fun, and provide a safe space for all!


“It was a lot of fun! I was anxious at first, as it was my first reading and having my tarot read in front of a group seemed nerve racking, but the atmosphere as soon as the event started was friendly and you could tell everyone was there for a good time. It was definitely a night of laughs and I can’t wait to be back!” - Elvira T.L.

“Tarot Time was so much fun. It was a casual, inviting experience with some insightful and truly thoughtful readings! Plus, it was funny AF. 10/10! - Taylor M.

“At first I was a bit skeptical coming to one of these shows. I expected it to be one of those cliché things you see on tv and only come for pure entertainment. I had just gotten back into tarot and was excited to hear what Antonio had to say. The show ended up being a great night with great laughs and jokes. He gave his audience a wonderful experience. He told me some things that rang true. I am so glad I cam and would definitely recommend!"- Mekkailah C.

"Antonio’s Comedy Tarot was so much fun. It’s great entertainment for a night out with friends. My friend and I went with an open mind because we both love Tarot readings, but it was more than that. Antonio is a vibe! My reading also addressed what I was hoping to hear about.

Pros: I can’t wait to go to my next show ❤️

Cons: I had so much fun I would have stayed longer ❤️" -Ali D.

"Imagine a long week, repetitive tasks day in and out, in the city of Boston, when you need to step out of your routine for a brief time to feel lighthearted and bubbly again, but without spending to much energy or money to add something to your planner that eventually would increase your stress level. That’s the time you need to come to Antonio. He will charm your heaviness away, bring back your playfulness, and in the middle of jokes and giggles, he will open your eyes to something about your life that you unintentionally, or maybe even intentionally, over looked at. Changes are possible, even for a life in Boston, even when endless repetitions of same tasks consumes our passions away, but Antonio will remind you of your own potentials with his tarot cards, and make you believe in your own power a little bit more. Wherever his show is at, there will be a breath of sweet fresh air in a dense heavy city night." - William W.

About Antonio: Antonio Morales is a practicing tarot reader of 12 years and standup comedian. He does one-on-one sessions and public events/parties to provide insight to all who are interested. He uses his knowledge of the tarot, experience with reading people from all walks of life, and intuition to provide guidance to the querent (with some comedic relief, of course). He is also a standup comedian and host/producer of the show, The Boston Tee Hee Party, which can also be seen and experienced at Trident bookstore. Go figure!

Check them out on Instagram: @antoniomorales_1

Event date: 
Monday, October 2, 2023 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Event address: 
338 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02115
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