Indie Board Game Showcase w/Board Game Empire

You've played a lot of board games, but we're betting you haven't played these. Come try Pavlov's Dogs where you are a team of canines undergoing testing from such scientific revolutionaries as Sigmund Fetch, Collie Jung, and Bark F. Skinner. Or play Babble Bots, a guess-the-word game where teams take on the role of competing computers in a Turing Test. Or get spooked with Sorcerer, a horror-themed game set in Victorian England. Or test drive five new expansion packs, not even on sale yet, of the wildly popular shout-at-your-friends experience that is Anomia. 

Ferbruary 18th, we're hosting our next indie board game showcase where you'll have a chance to play games built by local designers (including the ones mentioned above and several more) and meet those brilliant creators. We'll have six designers demoing their cardboard creations, covering the full gamut of gaming genres. 

And for those of you who have been to our past indie showcases, we've got more good news: Every game being demoed at this event is one we've never shown off before. So it'll be all new creations this time around. 

Where is this night of gaming magic taking place? At Trident! The coolest bookstore-bar combo you've ever seen. So you can play games, have dinner, get drinks and, when it's all done, go spelunking for literary masterpieces. 

Bring a friend or come alone and make new friends. See ya there and game on!



Is this event 21+?

Most attendees are indeed 21+, and the games are geared towards adults, but all ages are welcome.

Man, this sounds pretty awesome. Do you have any other great board-game-themed events coming up? 

Why yes we do. We offer board game speed dating nights where you can find love through board games (, we're launching season 2 of a board game league where each week you and your team compete in a different genre of games (, and we create new events all the time (you can learn more and join our mailing list at 

I have a game I'd love to demo at this event or another one soon. How do I do that?

Fantastic! We'd love to show it off. E-mail us a quick 1-2 line description of the game at and we'll go from there. 

Event date: 
Tuesday, February 18, 2020 - 6:30pm
Event address: 
338 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02115
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