The Boston Tee-Hee Party

Join hilarious host Antonio Morales and the Boston Tee-Hee Party for a night of truly hilarious fun!

Doors at 6:30pm & Show at 7:30pm | Food and drink available for purchase | Tickets - $7

Antonio Morales (Host): Antonio Morales is a Boston based comedian, tarot reader, and overall creative. He hosts and produces his own standup show, The Boston Tee Hee Party, along with his own solo tarot reading comedy show, It's Tarot Time! He uses his experiences growing up queer, Hispanic, and overall fabulous to help turn the boo hoos into woo hoos!

Check them out on Instagram: @antoniomorales_1

Zenobia Del Mar: Zenobia Del Mar is a Boston born comedy powerhouse. Performing non stop since 2012 she's graced the stages of The Comedy Store, Caroline's NY Laugh Boston and the best dive bars in between.

Check them out on Instagram: @delmarzenobia

Cam Ohh: Cam Ohh is a delusional bottom from Massachusetts with a heart of gold. His hobbies include media consumption and end of list. His greatest accomplishments are getting a degree in fashion design that he doesn’t use and seeing Lady Gaga in concert 4 times.

Check them out on Instagram: @cam.ohhh

Angela Sawyer: Angela Sawyer is a professional middle-aged nice-lady, very artsy, who runs both weekly and monthly comedy shows in terrible bars around Boston. She has an album of zoom stories on bandcamp.and used to own a record shop named Weirdo. She has done things like released two albums at the same time, fronted a hardcore band, hosted shows right inside her house, gone to school for philosophy, performed throwing cake at a lady who was throwing cake back, recorded an album inside a car, drank an absurd amount of diet coke, and a bunch of other silly stuff she has mostly forgotten because she is quite old. She still plays music around town sometimes too.

Check them out on Instagram: @downwitpants

Mary Spadaro (Headliner): Mary Spadaro has performed all over New England and New York, opening for Eugene Mirman Rachel Sennott and Gary Petersen. Mary produces Boston's best comedy show in the basement of a Mooyah Burger.

Check them out on Instagram: @marysspadaro

Event date: 
Saturday, May 27, 2023 - 7:30pm to 9:00pm
Event address: 
338 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02115
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