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There was once upon a time a king who was so much beloved by his subjects that he thoughthimself the happiest monarch in the whole world, and he had everything his heart could desire. Hispalace was filled with the rarest of curiosities, and his gardens with the sweetest flowers, while in themarble stalls of his stables stood a row of milk-white Arabs, with big brown eyes.Strangers who had heard of the marvels which the king had collected, and made long journeys tosee them, were, however, surprised to find the most splendid stall of all occupied by a donkey, withparticularly large and drooping ears. It was a very fine donkey; but still, as far as they could tell, nothing so very remarkable as to account for the care with which it was lodged; and they went awaywondering, for they could not know that every night, when it was asleep, bushels of gold piecestumbled out of its ears, which were picked up each morning by the attendants.After many years of prosperity a sudden blow fell upon the king in the death of his wife, whomhe loved dearly. But before she died, the queen, who had always thought first of his happiness, gathered all her strength, and said to him: 'Promise me one thing: you must marry again, I know, for the good of your people, as well as ofyourself. But do not set about it in a hurry. Wait until you have found a woman more beautiful andbetter formed than myself.''Oh, do not speak to me of marrying, ' sobbed the king; 'rather let me die with you ' But the queenonly smiled faintly, and turned over on her pillow and.

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ISBN: 9798705003402
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 5th, 2021
Pages: 178
Language: English