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At the place where the prince intended to hunt he saw a most beautiful deer. He orderedthat it should not be killed, but trapped or captured with a noose. The deer looked about fora place where he might escape from the ring of the beaters, and spied one unwatched closeto the prince himself. It bounded high and leaped right over his head, got out of the ring, and tore like the eastern wind into the waste. The prince put spurs to his horse andpursued it; and was soon lost to the sight of his followers. Until the world-lighting sunstood above his head in the zenith he did not take his eyes off the deer; suddenly itdisappeared behind some rising ground, and with all his search he could not find anyfurther trace of it. He was now drenched in sweat, and he breathed with pain; and hishorse's tongue hung from its mouth with thirst. He dismounted and toiled on, with bridleon arm, praying and casting himself on the mercy of heaven. Then his horse fell andsurrendered its life to God. On and on he went across the sandy waste, weeping and withburning breast, till at length a hill rose into sight. He mustered his strength and climbed tothe top, and there he found a giant tree whose foot kept firm the wrinkled earth, and whosecrest touched the very heaven. Its branches had put forth a glory of leaves, and there weregrass and a spring underneath it, and flowers of many colours.Gladdened by this sight, he dragged himself to the water's edge, drank his fill, and returnedthanks for his deliverance from thirst.

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ISBN: 9798558187687
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2020
Pages: 206
Language: English