Coloring Book For Adults Part 3: High Resolution Framed Illustrations Featuring Real Places From All Over The World, Helpful Affordable Stress Relievi (Paperback)

Coloring Book For Adults Part 3: High Resolution Framed Illustrations Featuring Real Places From All Over The World, Helpful Affordable Stress Relievi Cover Image
By Jo Di
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World's real scenes & landmarks, perfect anti-anxiety, provides hours of relaxation & stress relief through realistic coloring, every detail & complexity was taken into consideration.

First step of a seven parts serie coloring book for adults (multiple parts to lower the price), with more series to come, not only for mature advanced expert artists or designers mastering the painting & color techniques, but for a beginner aspiring to master colors & textures, depth of optical illusions, apply of draw method lessons, learn imitating extreme realistic portraits to create manga, stories, novel .. or just for a funny quality time with your kids tired of coloring flowers, butterflies, animals, plants, nature, a unicorn, a fairy, a pokemon, a bird, a cat, a dog, a wolf, a line, a creek or a garbage truck

Over the pages, this modern edition gives both an adult revolutionary complete artist creating guide for watercolor paint like art, & little life adventures around the world using only pens & pencils, whatever the style & fashion you love, this book ranges from a step-by-step sourcebook rendering for creative hands, to a collection of crochet-making like puzzles, detailed but easy where colored pencil & supplies are your eleventh finger.

  • A White Space On The Back Cover To Write A Message If You Want To Gift The Book, For Better Results Use Thin Permanent Marker.
  • 1 Name Page.
  • 2 Color Test Pages.
  • 20 Illustrations.
  • 5 Pages For Miniatures.

Note: Page Number is Printed On The Other Side Of The Sheet, Illustrations On The Front Cover Are IN The Book Too, Not Just For Good Looks.
  • Large & Comfortable: 8.5 Inches Wide By 11 Inches High.
  • Illustrations In Black Frames: Frame Prevents Light From Being Dispersed, Concentrates It On The Coloring To Give Colors Better Contraste, Moreover It Helps When The Illustration Is To Be Framed.
  • Single-Sided Printed Pictures: Prevents Bleed Through, Enables The Use Of A Broad Variety Of Coloring Choices & Framing/Displaying Your Masterpieces.
  • Perfect & Suitable For Every Skill Level: Grow Your Skills, Great With Your Choice Of Coloring, Various Levels Of Intricacy Keeping You Excited & Inspired.
  • High Resolution Crisp Printing: Well-Crafted Groundwork For Frame-Worthy Art, Trouble Free Coloring & Display, NO GRAYSCALED PHOTOS AT ALL, Some Textures Are Represented With Tiny Dots To Help Understand The Depth Of Clouds, Shadows Or Smudged Walls & Floors.
  • Positions Change Vertical/Horizontal: Position Maximizes Optimization During Coloring, The Geometric Center Is Identical With Page & Vision Center For Full Access To The Whole Picture.
  • Inspirational & Relaxing: Affordable Companion, Channelizes Energies To Creative Expression, Calmness & Mindfulness, Great Exercise/Protection Against Cerebral Problems.
  • Incredible Teaching Tool: For Teachers & Students, At School & Home, To Master Color & Drawing Techniques.
  • With Classy Glossy Sharp Clean Cover, Perfect Gifts For All Occasions & Celebrated Days For Boys & Girls: Christmas, Birthday, Graduation, Gift Baskets, Gift Bags, Stocking Stuffers, Fathers Day, Morthers Day, Vacations & Travels ... & For Everybody, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Grandfather, Grandmother, Grandson, Granddaughter, Uncle, Aunt, Niece, Nephew, Wife, Husband, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Friend, Neighbour or Coworker... Man Or Woman, It Is Unisex & Gender Neutral For Females & Males Alike.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9798555054227
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 29th, 2020
Pages: 52
Language: English