Python Programming: Learn machine learning, data science and analysis with a crash course for beginners. Included coding exercises for art (Large Print / Paperback)

Python Programming: Learn machine learning, data science and analysis with a crash course for beginners. Included coding exercises for art Cover Image
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Are you looking for a super-fast computer programming course?

Would you like to learn the Python Programming Language in 7 days?

Do you want to increase your business thanks to the web applications?

If so, keep reading: this bundle book is for you

Finally on launch the most complete Python guide with 3 Manuscripts in 1 book

1-Python for beginners

2-Python for Data Science

3-Python Crash Course

Python will introduce you many selected practices for coding . You will discover as a beginner the world of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The following list is just a tiny fraction of what you will learn in this collection bundle.

1) Python for beginners

✓ The basics of Python programming

✓ Differences among programming languages

✓ Vba, SQL, R, Python

✓ Game creation with Pyhton

✓ Easy-to-follow steps for reading and writing codes.

✓ Control flow statements and Error handling

✓ 3 best strategies with NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib

2) Python for Data science

◆ 3 reasons why Python is fundamental for Data Science

◆ Python design patterns

◆ How to use Python Data Analysis in your business

◆ Data visualization optimal tools and techniques

◆ Analysis of popular Python projects templates

◆ How to set up the Python environment for Data Science

◆ Most important Machine Learning Algorithms

◆ How to leverage Data Science in the Cloud

3) Python Crash Course

- A Proven Method to Write your First Program in 7 Days

- 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid when You Start Coding

- A Simple Strategy to Write Clean, Understandable and Flexible Codes

- The One Thing You Need to Debug your Codes in Python

- 5 Practical exercises to start programming

Even if you have never written a programming code before, you will quickly grasp the basics thanks to visual charts and guidelines for coding.

Examples and step-by-step guides will guide you during the code-writing learning process.

The description of each topic is crystal-clear and you can easily practice with related exercises.

You will also learn all the best tricks of writing codes with point by point descriptions of the code elements.

If you really wish to to learn Python and master its language, please click the BUY NOW button.

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ISBN: 9789918951260
ISBN-10: 9918951265
Large Print: Yes
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 15th, 2020
Pages: 360
Language: English