Shaky Quaky Jake (Paperback)

Shaky Quaky Jake By Kelly D. Roberts, Jveria Gauhar (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Kelly D. Roberts, Jveria Gauhar (Illustrator)
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What a bad day Jake has a terrible day at school.

I try to open my milk. SPLASH

After lunch, I struggle with the computer mouse.


The afternoon with Gramma doesn't start out much better.

Playing video games helps me relax. I try to hold the controller still...


I drop the controller and punch the pillow beside me.

But Gramma has other plans.

Gramma hugs me. "Let's make cookies "

"Turn up the music, Jake. I love this song "

I giggle as Gramma limps into a jig.


Sometimes his Essential Tremor overwhelms Jake. An afternoon with Gramma in "Shaky Quaky Jake" gives him a chance to regroup. The compassionate relationship between Jake and Gramma is heartwarming, and children learn a lot about how struggling with a disability can still lead to a better day...tomorrow.

TIMELESS TOPIC: Classic with the wisdom of a grandparent but with a fresh look at a little-known disability, this book touches on truly universal topics. Kindness, acceptance, inclusion, and imagination are front and center as the main character struggles to find his place in his classroom and, ultimately, life.

READ ALOUD: This picture book is perfect for read aloud occasions, bedtime, or any moment a kid needs cheering up and being reminded with perseverance and imagination, you can solve any problem and thinking outside of the box can be the answer if you are not afraid to step into the unknown and just do it

SELF-RELIANCE: This book also emphasizes the value of remaining positive in facing life's various difficulties. You can be upset and still be a regular person; you can have a bad day with all the entailing emotions.

REASSURANCE: Perfect for kids who are nervous about their struggles with a disability and any child who has less-than-ideal moments in life. The best we can do is keep trying

EDUCATIONAL INFO INCLUDED: A note from the author tells a little about Essential Tremor. And a bonus list of how to RESPECT others is included in the back of the book.

Perfect for:

  • A read-aloud option for parents, teachers, and librarians looking at books about overcoming adversity and persistence in everyday life
  • Reassuring book for kids who experience anxiety or struggle to get through bad days
  • Fans of books that celebrate big feelings and triumphs in everyday life

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