The Prince of the Power of the Air and the Last Days: Satanology - History - Prophecy - Technology (Paperback)

The Prince of the Power of the Air and the Last Days: Satanology - History - Prophecy - Technology By Jeffrey W. Mardis Cover Image
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One of the many names the Bible ascribes to the Devil is the Prince of the Power of the Air (Eph. 2:2). While it's easy to overlook such details, this ominous title communicates far-reaching implications. Its various meanings and ties will lead to profound potentials that help expose the sweeping extent of the Devil's hand in our time. Fascinating things you will read about include:

- Fowl and what they teach us about the spirit realm.

- Satan and the manipulation of storms, tornadoes, lightning, and other atmospheric phenomena.

- The Industrial Revolution, the end-times explosion of knowledge, and the Age of Ever-Learning.

- How demons impart wisdom and why some technologies thrive in certain eras and not others.

- How scripture demonstrates two distinct forms of supernaturalism: Overt and Covert.

- You'll also explore spiritism, necromancy, electricity, urbanization, modern technology, Bible technology, unexplained orbs of light, cities ...AND MORE

One of the objectives of this book is to give the reader an opportunity to shed any feeble beliefs they may have about Satan. You might even say that this study does an "about face," and travels one hundred and eighty degrees in the opposite direction. Scripture doesn't present any sort of weak presence on the part of the Devil, so we have no excuse to hold beliefs reflective of such things. Satan is alive and well in the twenty-first-century-and working

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