A Falling Knife Has No Handle (Paperback)

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Poetry. Women's Studies. A FALLING KNIFE HAS NO HANDLE is a love letter to indulgence, both of the palate and the heart. The poems collected here offer a reluctant romantic's guide to trusting that what's on the menu will be enough. They ask how much time it takes to earn the comfort of food and companionship, how do we portion what we want, and who will be waiting for us at the table when the meal is finally garnished and ready to serve. Whether rich or rustic, each piece, every morsel is available for study down to its smallest component and savored for the way it is layered. No cocktail goes un-drunk, no dish left unconquered. These poems ask what we most want to taste and help us find our way back to that perfect plate. Find here the body and all it begs of us: hunger / thirst / decadence / deprivation / witness / retreat / relief. Where there is love, there waits a feast.

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ISBN: 9781936919628
ISBN-10: 1936919621
Publisher: Yesyes Books
Publication Date: September 19th, 2018
Pages: 104
Language: English