Thai Herbal Medicine: Traditional Recipes for Health and Harmony (Paperback)

Thai Herbal Medicine: Traditional Recipes for Health and Harmony By Nephyr Jacobsen, C. Pierce Salguero, PhD Cover Image
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Thai herbs are part of a vibrant culture of healing that has been practiced and preserved over the centuries in traditional medicine schools, Buddhist monasteries, and village homes all over Thailand. Many quite ancient herbal traditions continue to be practiced throughout Thailand to this day, and some of these have now been recognized by the Ministry of Public Health as an important facet of the country’s national healthcare system. This revised and updated edition provides an overview of traditional Thai medicine--including both the theory and the practical application of Thai cuisine, bodywork, and herbal medicine. Of interest to herbalist, massage therapists, and practitioners of other alternative healthcare systems, the book introduces the basic principles of Thai herbal healing in simple and clear terms, and it includes a detailed compendium of individual herbs. Best of all, this book is fun, offering easy recipes for home remedies, healthcare products, and cuisine that will make the world of Thai tradition come alive in your home.

About the Author

Nephyr Jacobsen is the founder and director of the Naga Center, School of Traditional Thai Massage and Medicine. She is a writer of articles and curriculum on Thai medicine and massage. She divides her time between Thailand and Portland, Oregon.

C. Pierce Salguero, PhD, is the founder of Tao Mountain, a nonprofit association of Thai massage and herbal medicine instructors who support academic research and clinical trials to build bridges between Thai and modern Western medicine. He is the author of Encyclopedia of Thai Massage, The Spiritual Healing of Traditional Thailand, and Thai Massage Workbook. He lives in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Praise For…

“With my keen interest in Ayurveda, I found this book particularly interesting. I would recommend it for anybody interested in Eastern medical traditions and they like me may feel that this book is great introduction to Thai medicine leaving one hungry to know a lot more!”
— Anne McIntyre,

"This book is a must have for Thai herbal practitioners."
— OM Times

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