609 Letter Templates & Credit Repair Secrets (Paperback)

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Do you know that your credit score has an impact on credit applications in the future?

Is your credit score bad?

Do you want to get it as high as possible?

A credit rating of good is the minimum you want to aim for if you're going to be approved for credit and get advantageous interest rates quickly.

An important aspect for some people is a minimum credit score. Technically, the minimum credit score a person can have is 300. You may often hear groups talking about a minimum credit score if you want to apply for an account or loan. The truth is that there's no such thing. You do not need to have a minimum credit score to apply for credit.

A credit score helps lending institutions to determine how well you manage your debts based on specific factors. The FICO model and the VantageScore model are commonly used to determine credit scores. Both models attribute a percentage of your credit score to factors that explain how you use your available credit. FICO considers a score of over 740 to be a good score, while VantageScore views a score above 700 as a good score. The credit score reported by FICO and VantageScore will always fall in a range between 300 and 850.

This book includes topics about:

  • Fico score
  • Credit Myths
  • Harming my credits score
  • Step to fix your credit score
  • Increase your score + 800

And much more

A higher score will provide an opportunity for the business to obtain more credit, give access to additional funding, and show your company is in an excellent financial position.

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