Make Math Not Suck: Creating Fun & Memorable Math Experiences (Paperback)

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Math is not a favorite subject for many students. They feel like they simply are not a "math person" or students struggle with the critical thinking and complexity of math content. Traditional math instruction typically centers on rote memorization, daily homework, seemingly no second chances on assessments and class time structures that limits teachers in providing in-class practice after homework review and new content instruction. No wonder students feel like math sucks.

Make Math Not Suck is a guide, an idea book, and a challenge to make math better for all students. By making math meaningful, applicable, hands-on, and personal, students can develop a love for math and find success they might have not experienced before. Through real stories, student-tested projects, innovative ideas, and personal experiences, Mandi offers educators a way to create a better learning environment in the math classroom. Teachers do not have to approach math instruction like it has always been done before. Be different and Make Math Not Suck for students anymore

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ISBN: 9781734051483
ISBN-10: 1734051485
Publisher: Edugladiators LLC
Publication Date: August 14th, 2020
Pages: 162
Language: English