Storming the Gap First Strike (Paperback)

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By Brad Smith, Keith Tracton (Narrated by), David Heath (Executive Producer)
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Storming the Gap First Strike reveals the explosive origins of the Third World War and delves into the opening salvos of the conflict between NATO and the Warsaw Pact in a world where the Cold War turns hot in 1985.

This epic story is told from a range of viewpoints - through the eyes of the decision-makers in Washington as well as the tankers and infantry fighting through hills and towns of southern Germany.

Based partly on the scenarios from the smash-hit game by Lock 'n Load Publishing World At War 85, each tale is a pulse-pounding narrative of intense Armor clashes that will help determine the fate of the most valuable piece of real estate this side of the Inner German border - the Fulda Gap.

Caught by a surprise Soviet attack, NATO hastily deploys its men and tanks on the first day of the war. Their mission: protect the bridges over the Fulda River in a desperate bid to halt the onslaught of Soviet Armor before it can strike west and bring the Western alliance to its knees.

As the first volume of a series that tells one version of the war's progress, First Strike can be enjoyed as a companion to the platoon-scale wargame or by casual readers as a close-up view of mechanized combat in a war that never was.

"The M1's round carved into the hull deck of the rear tank. A bright emerald glow filled the thermal sight. When, at last, it dissipated, the T-80 was nothing but a heap of smoldering steel. The remaining enemy tank was caught between the two dead T-80s. It pivoted left and right, but the thick woods on either side blocked its progress."

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ISBN: 9781733104104
ISBN-10: 1733104100
Publisher: Lock 'n Load Publishing, LLC.
Publication Date: October 21st, 2019
Pages: 178
Language: English