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How to Use Greek & Hebrew Study Tools is a textbook for learning how to study biblical Greek and Hebrew words without having to learn the languages. This methodical approach provides a disciplined process to help the student focus correctly on lexical features and usages. Beginning with the grammar of the student's English translation, textual and lexical analysis relies on the work of language scholars who have expertise in translation, word meaning, and usage.The English student learns important, direction-setting details from the familiar English language and then uses that information to navigate the technical details of interlinear tools and standard lexica. The process helps distinguish relevant from non-relevant information, although details are pointed out related to the use of target words in other contexts. Students work through grammatical details, carefully guided to ensure a properly focused pathway to understand the meaning of words in context. The final tools used are an English dictionary and thesaurus, teaching the student how to evaluate fine nuances of meaning and understand decisions made by translators.The words analyzed in the book to demonstrate each step are "exalt" and "salvation" from Exodus 15:2 and "marvel" and "grace" from Galatians 1:6.Michael C. Beard (M.A. Linguistics, Wayne State University; M.A. NT Greek, Western Seminary) is Academic Director and Instructor at Alaska Bible Institute in Homer, Alaska. Mr. Beard has also written fiction books and short stories. Michael lives in Homer, Alaska, with his wife, Wanda S. Beard. Resource materials available on

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