Dear You, Love Me: a discovery of self-love and love notes to encourage others (Hardcover)

Dear You, Love Me: a discovery of self-love and love notes to encourage others By Amber Adia Cover Image
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Dear You, Love Me is a compilation of expressions and personal notes written during one of the most strenuous seasons of my life when dealing with separation and divorce. While initially it began as a way of me releasing my emotions by simply writing love notes to myself (Dear You...), it soon became evident that one of the best ways I could benefit and heal from such an overwhelming internal pain was by sharing my encouragement with others and releasing it for them to experience for themselves (... Love, Me). I believe that one of the oldest psychological tricks in the book is to convince ourselves that we are alone in what we're going through and/or that no one else cares to hear about it. Therefore, we end up suffering in silence and ultimately closing the doors to our minds and hearts that should instead remain open in order for us to receive the proper help and healing we need in order to become better as individuals. This book is not intended to diagnose or pass judgment on someone because of their less than perfect life choices but instead I hope that it can be used as a tool of encouragement that will somehow help them to accept and acknowledge their weakness and use them as an advantage of amplifying their strengths.

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ISBN: 9781662902031
ISBN-10: 1662902034
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Publication Date: April 4th, 2021
Pages: 50
Language: English