Love & Happiness: To A Successful Relationship (Paperback)

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Love & Happiness is a book that I wanted to keep it straightforward no side words of the truth. I wanted to keep it honest; people need the truth behind relationships. If a relationship is not safe anymore it is time to get out. You can not love a person, who clearly do not love you back. In a relationship, it must be two involve not just one. Love & Happiness is written to let you know a person do not have to be number two, be number one always in a relationship. Do not let anyone steal your spirt and tell you that you cannot do something in life, or you cannot be anything in life. I am here to tell you stand up for yourself, be whatever you believe you can be do not let a man/woman tells you no. It will always start with you. Keep your mate happy on both side of the relationship, put each one first and see the power that it can brings out. Keep romance involve in the relationship, do not forget Intimacy plays a big role in a relationship. Do not forget about it, be tried on another day. Send out those sexy pictures and sexy texts during the day to your mate. Have him/her excited to come home to you. Ladies do not forget to be sexy looking for your mate. Being committed to someone is the time to be open and free in life. Respect your spouse every day, do not compare your spouse to any one's relationship. The grass is not always green on the other side appreciate what you have at home. Do not try to be someone else to please your mate, be yourself and love your mate for themselves. Change what we can change and accept what we cannot and grow together as one. Love & Happiness Power Couple Angela Jean-Batiste is married to Troy Jean-Batiste and together they have four daughters and two grandkids. Angela's hobbies are writing, cooking, shopping and spending time with family. Angela is a member of Chamber of Commerce. There she has volunteered on many occasions to feed the homeless and help the needy. Angela always wanted to write a book to express herself. She has been on different business ventures to lead her up to this point, and she loves it. This is where God has her and she will stay. Angela's next book will be live questions & answers. Her goal is to heal relationships and have Love & Happiness.

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ISBN: 9781662813405
ISBN-10: 1662813406
Publisher: Mill City Press, Inc
Publication Date: April 17th, 2021
Pages: 126
Language: English