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There is no single element that is a more useful part of a reference series than a general index. There is no one who knows the content of a publication better than the indexer, particularly in the case of indexes painstakingly created by hand before the modern era of automation.

This General Index supplements the Combined Indices of the Manhattan District History, which are found in Appendix C of Book I - General, Volume I - General ISBN 978-1608881765, published Oct. 2020 by Nimble Books]. This is a separate, additional volume, distinct from the Combined Indices.The items included in this one are confined for the most part to general subjects end general headings only; for more detailed items, reference should be made to the indices which are included 1n the separate Books and Volumes of the History not yet in print].

It is worth noting that the OCR for the digital versions of the History leaves a lot to be desired (despite the vigorous effort of all involved), so checking this Index is nearly mandatory for the thorough researcher--and a pleasure besides Which dedicated readers among us can fail to recognize the thrill of leafing through an index and finding Serendip? For example:

"Accidents: " -- must read

"Accountability: Plutonium: " -- I hope so...

"Aircraft, B-29 for Bomb Delivery" - interesting that no other Aircraft are mentioned

"Albemarle, U.S.S." -- a ship? down the rabbit hole to Operation Crossroads, the Bikini Atoll test

"American Federation of Labor" -- the labor union? There's a story here...

Anyone interested in nuclear history, whether beginner or expert, will find that this durable matte finish reproduction becomes a treasured possession kept near at hand.

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