Innocence Broken (Paperback)

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Mama? Please, Te'Sherri is who you are to me. You want me to shed tears but you'll never see weakness. The things you say and allow your boyfriend to do to me doesn't define me. My razor eases all my pain. I refuse to give into Rio threatening to leave me if I hold my virginity any longer. I rather take a punch to the face because they envy me than be protected giving him the business. If I could have anything, it would be my daddy coming back from the grave. You don't want me, mom. I didn't ask to be here. Before you kill me I'll take myself out. My body? It's nothing to me. You can't break me by stealing what's mine. Spin once, Spin twice, pull; one down, three to go. These bullets I gamble. Roll thrice, pull.

About the Author

C. Renea is currently a graduate student working towards a Master's in Public Health, and has already achieved the goal of obtaining a Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice specializing in Forensic Science, and an Associate's in Business Administration. C. Renea always gives back to the community, and is in the process of opening a Non-profit organization that will provide services to different communities in the state of Georgia. C. Renea is open for questions, and does check the email listed regularly.

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ISBN: 9781500790011
ISBN-10: 150079001X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: November 21st, 2014
Pages: 158
Language: English