Who Am I?: An A-Z Career Guide for Teens (Paperback)

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Getting on the path to career and financial success should start earlier and Who Am I? is the perfect way to do it. Informative, investigative and easy-to-read, Who Am I? has worksheets, lists, salary info and tips that Tai has prepared to help you navigate the career exploration process with ease. This resource includes six-figure careers in emerging industries that you need to know about so you can compete in the global marketplace.Covering more than 200 high-growth careers, Who Am I? is a practical guide that you can use, even in college The world is changing... fast You deserve to have access to the right information to thrive in this new economy. As you wrestle with one of life's most important questions, "Who am I and how do I want to show up in the world?," let this book be the go-to manual to expand your awareness about what is possible for your career. This book will push you to increase your earning potential and maximize your impact, while living a fulfilling life. Now let's starting learning the tools you will need to literally change the world.

About the Author

Tai Abrams is your child's mentor and success coach. She is an author, speaker, and education entrepreneur and has been a champion for bringing out the excellence in children for over ten years. She believes that every person on this earth has a divine destiny that is filled with greatness, but the greatness must be brought out with intentional effort. Tai also believes our life's work is to reach our highest potential, so she helps children to get on this journey as early as possible so they can experience the kind of success that brings them true joy. Tai believes that the biggest barrier to accessing one's true potential is the lack of knowledge necessary to get there. Much of her work is centered on bridging the knowledge and information gap facing students and their parents as they navigate the American education system. She graduated with an Advanced Regents Diploma from The Bronx High School of Science, one of the most competitive high schools in New York City. She then graduated with a degree in Mathematics from Duke University, with a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics. Blessed with a knack for working with numbers, she has used her gifts to make math easy for children and adults in many places, including Egypt, Barbados, South Africa, the United States, and more. She is the co-founder and CEO of an education organization called AdmissionSquad with a mission to help talented scholars gain admission into NYC's best high schools. She takes her ministry of education very seriously and brings her insights, talents, and expertise to schools, organizations, churches, and corporate offices in the form of high quality, engaging, and life transforming workshops. Tai is an avid traveler, ballroom and salsa-dancing lover, 5K runner, and is fascinated with the laws of success. She spends her time finding examples of successful people who exude excellence in present day society that we can all model after. She is intent on being a super role model for children and young adults all over the world. Visit TaiAbrams.com for more information.

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ISBN: 9780998741307
ISBN-10: 0998741302
Publisher: Taiesha Abrams
Publication Date: June 7th, 2017
Pages: 132
Language: English