Arms and Armour of Late Medieval Europe (Paperback)

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The idea of late medieval arms and armour often conjures up images of lumbering warriors, clad in heavy plate armour, hacking away at with each other with enormous weapons – depictions perpetuated in both bad literature and bad movies. In this introductory guide, replete with fabulous photography and marvellous anecdotes, internationally-renowned edged weapons expert Robert Woosnam-Savage describes the brutal reality of personal protection and attack in the so-called ‘age of chivalry’. From Bannockburn to Bosworth, Poitiers to Pavia, this book is an indispensable introduction to an iconic era.

About the Author

Robert C. Woosnam-Savage is curator of European edged weapons at the Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds. He has published on many subjects ranging from the arms and armor of Uccello’s paintings to the Welsh Castles of Edward I.

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ISBN: 9780948092770
ISBN-10: 0948092777
Publisher: Royal Armouries
Publication Date: September 15th, 2019
Pages: 128
Language: English