A Bucket of Sunshine: Life on a Cold War Canberra Squadron (Paperback)

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A Bucket of Sunshine, a term used for the use of a nuclear bomb, is a firsthand insight into life in the mid-1960s on a Royal Air Force Canberra nuclear-armed squadron in West Germany on the frontline in the Cold War. Mike Brooke describes not only the technical aspect of the aircraft and its nuclear and conventional roles and weapons, but also the low-level flying that went with the job of being ready to go to war at less than three minutes notice. Brooke uses many amusing overtones to tell his story of what was an extremely serious business when the world was standing on the brink of nuclear conflict. The English-Electric Canberra was a first generation, jet-powered light bomber manufactured in large numbers in the 1950s. The Canberra could fly at a higher altitude than any other bomber through the 1950s and due to its ability to evade early interceptors was a popular export product and served with many nations.

About the Author

Mike Brooke on the Royal Air Force's low-level strike/attack squadron described in this book and became a flying instructor, experimental test pilot, a Wing Commander, and a test-flying consultant.

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ISBN: 9780752470214
ISBN-10: 0752470213
Publisher: The History Press
Publication Date: May 1st, 2012
Pages: 224
Language: English