A Summer Greek Reader: A Workbook for Maintaining Your Biblical Greek (Paperback)

A Summer Greek Reader: A Workbook for Maintaining Your Biblical Greek By Richard J. Goodrich, David Diewert Cover Image
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A Summer Greek Reader is the first practical text specifically designed to help students of introductory Greek strengthen their grasp of the essentials over the summer.

By spending just twenty minutes a day, students not only maintain what they've learned in their first-year class, but will also build their working vocabulary and gain practice with extended Greek New Testament passages. This volume is perfect for students who want to begin reading complete passages of the Greek New Testament while avoiding the complexities encountered in intermediate and advanced studies.

A Summer Greek Reader encourages readers to memorize new words while applying the essentials of Greek to translating larger blocks of the New Testament text.

  • Passages are selected for their straightforward syntax.
  • Unfamiliar words are cross-referenced or defined in footnotes eliminating the need for lexical work.
  • English translations are provided for each passage so students can check their work.

Self-contained and easy to use, A Summer Greek Reader is a rewarding means of strengthening the knowledge first-year Greek students have worked so hard to acquire. By eliminating the need to rebuild old foundations and by minimizing the mad dash for a bigger vocabulary during the first weeks of second-year Greek, this book will quickly prove its worth to students and educators alike.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780310236603
ISBN-10: 0310236606
Publisher: Zondervan Academic
Publication Date: March 12th, 2001
Pages: 112
Language: English
Series: Workbook for Maintaining Your Biblical Greek